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.tobegin knows how to master the warping of a problem into a possible solution. Whether it is within an organization, regarding an individual or if it is an idea that needs transforming. It is done through education, talks and knowledge sharing.

What we do

The founder of .tobegin, Charlotta Rydholm, is embracing change through education, talks and knowledge sharing. Seen the movie? Care to participate? Learn and relearn? 

Our values

Embracing change
Living without filters
Being kind
Standing our ground

Start do by...

… giving talks with a headset and audio loop.
… proudly sharing failures.
… working for diversity, gender perspective & inclusion.
… performing assignments at no cost to a recipient does not have the ability to pay.


Reach out

If we cannot find you, this is where you will find us: 

0730 61 57 57  


Norrsken house
Birger Jarlsgatan, Stockholm



Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems


Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects

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Why we are different

This is where we can go on and on assuming what we are great at.

Or we can ask the clients to speak up.


BTW – is the amazing necklace for real? Yes, done by Statement by Lann and can be borrowed for any occasion. 

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