A 3 day course

The result?
1 Facilitation skills
2 Understanding of change management
3 Design thinking tools
4 Methods for group dynamics
5 Collaboration techniques

Facilitate change

How to master the changing of a problem into a possible solution. Whether it is within an organization, regarding an individual or if it is an idea that needs to be realized. This course educates the participants on how to facilitate meetings, workshops, design sprints and behavioral changes.

Please look at a film done about the process.

Berghs School of Communication, Stockholm
Media Evolution, Malmö.


1 day.

The result?
1 The power of perspectives
2 Inclusive solutions
3 Problem solving with a prototyping mindset
4 Sustainable solutions


Power of perspectives

When a company is facing a complex challenge, the solution is using perspectives. This is a collaborative process for those whose does not want to settle with a one perspective solution. A facilitated design thinking sprint will guide the group.
Perspectives are added from the .tobegin network.

Getting a whole new set of perspectives thanks to others brings quality, sustainable solutions and professionalism to the table.


An inspirational hour or 1/2 day

Performed together with Obeya PR.

The importance of being kind

This workshop explores the notion of kindness in the workplace. We will look at why knowledge sharing is important for the soul and the business, why inclusion is important for society, and why being kind is vital to humanity.


1 timmes samtal om de insikter som tagits efter samtalen.

1 dags utbildning om hur det går att vända utmaningar till möjliga lösningar.

Omsätta samtal till handling (in Swedish)

Under 2018 och 2019 har Charlotta Rydholm genomfört över 60 st medvetandegörande samtal för att skapa hållbara arbetsplatser och samarbeten. Resultatet visar att det finns tydliga behov i flertalet branscher att omsätta samtal till handling.